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Whilst every day is different below you can find a guide to our activities. I believe routine is important for a child to feel safe and secure in their environment, therefore I try to keep consistent meal and rest times.

7am 8am Arrivals
8am Breakfast (if required)
8.30 am 9.00am School and Nursery Runs.
9.00am 12pm Walks to parks, feed ducks, active learning following the Early Years Foundation Stage
12pm Lunch (see sample menu)
1pm 2pm Rest time (if appropriate to age) Stories and quiet time.
2pm 3.30pm Activities including Baking, arts and crafts, role play, dressing up, out door play, puzzles and games.
3.30pm 4pm School pick up.
4pm 6pm Free play including computer games, homework, arts and crafts
Evening meal if required.
6pm - Departures.

I am open for childminding from 7am until 6pm. I am flexible and will try my hardest to help everyone with various hours.