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Menus also come with nutritional charts which help to make sure a child is getting a well balanced diet. Everything is home-made with fresh ingredients. These are only some examples below.

Various cereals - Any of these can be mixed with soft berries or fresh fruit to give an all round balanced breakfast.
Eggs - Scrambled, Poached or Boiled
Hot porridge, beans, toast.
Ravioli, Pizza, Fish Fingers, Home-made savory pancakes, Spring Rolls, Chicken with Veg served with potatoes.
Selection of sandwiches, Jacket Potatoes, Omelettes & toasties with a selection of fillings.
Pork Cutlet, Cottage Pie, Pasta Bake, Roast Dinner or Lasagne
All served with a selection of farinaceous, potatoes & vegetables.
Milk Semolina, Rice, Macaroni, Apple Crumble, Fruit Sponge.
Cold Sweets - Yoghurts, flavoured whips, fresh fruit salad.

There is also a big basket of fruit for the children to snack on as well as bread & raw veg, also water, milk & fruit juices at all times.